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Ivorian Collection

This is a collection of handmade pieces that I began working on while in Abidjan, Cote' d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Surrounded by so much culture, beautiful people, scenery and art, I was immensely inspired. Although the trip is sure to have a long-lasting effect on me and my artwork, this collection was my immediate response. This collection speaks a little about my trip, created with hopes of sharing that beauty with you.


IMG_0344 IMG_0402 IMG_0432 IMG_0398 IMG_0333 IMG_0384 IMG_0528 IMG_0524 IMG_0539 IMG_0519 IMG_0510 IMG_0502 IMG_0498 IMG_0469 IMG_0448 IMG_0481 IMG_0496 IMG_0484 IMG_0337 IMG_0399 IMG_0554 IMG_0550 IMG_0548 IMG_0545 Back

Photography by JamelRashad

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